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Working with your own images

Image to image is a Pro feature - it helps to gain some experience to use effectively, whether through trial & error on Avolo or working with AI elsewhere. It's common for professionals with experience go through 8+ renders that "aren't quite right" before reaching the final render with this feature.

In this mode, the AI can use an image as input, either in addition to the prompt or to base a new image off of. Consider the following example where a simple drawing is converted into a Van Gogh-style painting and a photograph.

Input image

In the style of Van Gogh


Using image to image

To use Image to Image mode, click the button in the bottom left and select an image. A new slider will appear in the sidebar called "Image to image strength". The higher this is, the more deviation is allowed from the original image. We recommend a value of betewen 0.75 and 0.95.

The Degrees of Freedom slider is also important for Image to Image: an explanation is provided under the "AI image generation" tab above.

Another example:

Input image

"Wooden fruit bowl containing three kittens, sitting on a plain white surface."

Guidance scale: 3.0
Image-to-Image Strength: 0.88

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